Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FMSN a client or a web based system or do I need to download it? Is FMSN a client or a web based system or do I need to download it?

 No downloads or computer skills needed! Simply go to the site from any computer, log in, and get started. It’s that easy.


When I buy now, how soon can I get started?

 You will have complete and total access Within 24 hours you will have access and can have letters in the mail.


Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

 Absolutely. We provide a 30 day, money back, no questions asked guarantee to remove all the risk for you.


Can FMSN be installed on more than one computer?

You can access the site from any computer, no matter where you are in the world.


Do I need to have a new or a powerful computer to run it?

Nope! If you decide to break into a museum and access the site from a dial up modem… we’ve got you covered.


Does it work on MAC and/or PC?

Both, we don’t discriminate!


Do I need to be a Real Estate agent?

No. Regardless of where you fall in the real estate spectrum, you’ve got access to the whole package.  (But if you ARE an agent, you'll have access to many more potentially lucrative listings in your market than your competition does.


Do I need to have an MLS access to use FMSN?

No!  In fact, many of these properties are owned by sellers who have not listed and would consider an “off market” offer.


Can I use my own personalized letters?

Sure. Although the system provides many letters that have been tested and proven, if you have your own golden nugget you can always use it instead.


Can I export the records?

Of course!! You can select by geography, equity type, property type, vacancy, or a combination of those and download up to 10,000 per month!


Can I backup the records?

Your searches are saved so if you ever want to go back and run the same search, it is only a mouse click away.


Is FMSN hard to learn?

This system was designed so that anyone could use it, not just the experts.  We want you focusing on getting deals, not trying to learn how to use some computer program.  A 5 min tour and you are ready for action.


What’s the easiest way to learn FMSN?

The system contains a video training series that walks you through not only the 5 minute tour on the system, but a series of videos showing you what to say when the phone does ring!


Do I need to print out letters?

Push button baby… The FMSN system is fully integrated so  that you just spend a couple minutes, creating your list, then with a couple clicks of a mouse your mail can be on it’s way and you can focus on answering the phone.


What counties, cities and zips are available?

Once you have logged into your system, you can search by available State/County, City or Zip. We currently offer approximately 89% of households nationwide.


Am I limited to the number of counties?

Absolutely not, we give you access to all the counties we have, but, you need to limit each individual search to five counties.


How do you get data?

We purchase, aggregate, and filter data from multiple sources including government agencies and other aggregates. We use our own algorithms to combine and filter and to ensure that is it is accurate and current.  For more details on our process click here


How often is the data updated?

All data is updated on a different schedule. Some weekly, some bi weekly, some every thirty days.